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  Informative Articles

Next Excellent Vacation Adventures at Affordable Airfare Rates!
Traveling especially with your loved ones can ease out the daily tension brought about by everyday problems and pressure from work, studies, home and many other concerns. However the soaring rates and prices of airfare can pose a problem that can hinder the realization of traveling to the place y. . .
Next Vietnam in Pictures
Vietnam is a wonderful place to holiday and the best time to go is right now. The Vietnamese are friendly to tourists because they have come to appreciate the benefits that tourism can bring to their economy. Many Vietnamese speak english and they will go out of their way to make you feel welcome. . .
Next Travel Cambodia – Phnom Penh, Angkor Wat, Sihanoukville
Cambodia is a land on the mend. From 1977 through 1980, the Khmer Rouge ruled the country, fanatics bent on genocide. Millions were killed and the period was put to film in the movie, “The Killing Fields.” Fortunately, those days are over and the country is becoming a tourist destination. Cambod. . .
Next What you need to know about – portsmouth city
Life materializes to be calm and complacent and all the worries gradually peter out as one enters the beautiful seaside town- Portsmouth. The city that was initially a ship building center has a rich historical past that is even reflected in the preset day life and functioning of it. Portsmouth h. . .
Next What are dollar rent a car coupons?
Dollar rent a car coupons are a good way to save a little while renting a car. They used to be simple paper coupons but now, in the age of the Internet, they are usually just codes or Internet links you have to find on the Net to get a small (usually 5 per cent) discount while renting a car. Of c. . .
Next Hawaii’s Top Ten Sun-In-The-Fun Beaches
# 10) Waikiki Beach – One of Hawaii’s most popular beaches, Waikiki attracts over 4 million tourists a year. Two miles of sun-drenched beach on Oahu’s coastline offers memorable vistas and great people watching. Explore Diamond Head Crater, or get your feet wet in the warm waters. The more advent. . .
Next How To Survive Your Honeymoon
Romantic Honeymoon Destinations To Discover Each OtherOnce you've mortgaged the rest of your life for the dress and the ceremony, made all sorts of promises in front of everyone you know and danced with your long-lost fifth cousin twice removed, you deserve a little time off to recuperate. It's . . .
Next Kyrenia: The Jewel of Northern Cyprus
With 340 days of sunshine a year and the perfect Mediterranean climate it’s no wonder thousands of visitors flock to Cyprus every year to escape the sometimes less forgiving Northern European climate. Northern Cyprus has all of the prerequisites for the perfect summer break: sun…lots of! Beauti. . .
Next What you need to know about – scuba diving
Scuba diving is the activity adored by innumerable men and women across the globe. Scuba diving lands you deep in the world of water where you confront the flora and flora kingdom that lies much beneath the land on which we live. For the beginnersThe obsession for the sport of scuba diving has en. . .
Next 10 Fun Facts About Hawaii
1) Hawaii has eight main islands: Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, and the “Big Island” of Hawaii.2) Hawaii is the most isolated population center on earth. Hawaii is 2,390 miles from California; 3,850 miles from Japan; 4,900 miles from China; and 5,280 miles from the Philipp. . .
Next Say “I Love You” With the Hula Dance
On your visit to the Big Island of Hawaii, you’ll probably get to see a traditional hula dance. If even greater fortune smiles upon you during your stay, you may get to visit the island of Molokai, the place where the hula is said to have originated.Ancient Hawaiians passed along stories and lege. . .
Next Catch a Wave the Hawaii Way
When you’re on the deck of your cruise ship off the coast of Hawaii, you may just catch a glimpse of some dedicated surfers riding on top of a tall wave. Watch the sun beat down on their glistening backs as the sea spray hits their tanned faces.Hawaii is a surfer’s paradise. The Pacific, after al. . .
Next Siberia Travelogue - Part 6 – When Stairs Attack
In this continuing series, we cover my move from San Diego to Chita, Siberia to be a professor at Chita State Technical University. We pick up the story going to the train station in Khabarovsk to catch the Trans-Siberian Railroad.Day 4!If you’ve been reading this series on NomadJournalTrips.com,. . .
Next The dazzling beauty of the Shwedagon Paya
The Shwedagon Paya is much more than just another temple. It is the cultural and religious heart of Myamar. Built on a small hill in central Yangon (Rangoon) the great golden dome rises almost 100m and dominates the city skyline. Rudyard Kipling was moved to call it “a golden mystery”. By day, t. . .
Next A Little Color Here and There Makes The Hawaiian Shirt Exciting to Wear
What good would a trip to Hawaii be without picking up an authentic Hawaiian shirt? Or, an “Aloha shirt” as native Hawaiians like to call them.The Hawaiian shirt we know and love today was created from a combination of Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, native Hawaiian, and American fashion influences.. . .
Next Eat, Drink and Have Fun at the Luau
In old Hawaii, the luau was a great feast given to honor royalty, foreign dignitaries, and to celebrate weddings, christenings, and birthdays.Traditionally, luaus would last for days and included plates piled high with food, good drink, and much singing and dancing.Guests sat on woven mats on the. . .
Next Las Vegas - The Entertainment Capital
In my opinion, the Las Vegas area is one of the nicest places in the Western US and falling in love with Las Vegas is easy to do. This town is "The Entertainment Capital of the World" the city welcomes 37.5 million people a year. Visitors love to enjoy dazzling shows, five star hotels, first rate. . .
Next Cruise.The ultimate vacation
If you are ever fortunate enough enjoy the joys and delights of a cruise then quite literally you will be participating in the penultimate of holiday experiences . This is an sector of travel that first became popular at the begining of the 20th century. in those early days however it was only ev. . .
Next Tahiti in Fiction and Film
Over the years, Tahiti and Polynesia have provided novelists and moviemakers with colorful subject matter. Early travelers told of wanton women on tropical shores, and Fletcher Christian added drama to the plot by leading a mutiny against the tyrannical Captain Bligh.In 1934 American writers Char. . .
Next The Advantages of Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica
Whether you’ve saved up for years for a fun family vacation or want a romantic honeymoon in a tropical paradise, Costa Rica offers something for everyone. This lovely locale isn’t one of the world’s most popular fun in the sun destinations for nothing. There are tons of great activities – on th. . .

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